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Historical Regatta

September 1st 2024

Beloved appointment not only for the residents but also for the visitors of the city, the Historical Regatta is celebrated every year in Venice on the first Sunday of September in order to promote the Voga alla Veneta, a lagoon discipline with a millennial history.
To make this event even more spectacular nowadays is the magnificent historical procession that precedes the races. Dozens of typical sixteenth-century boats, expertly decorated and led by gondoliers in period costumes, parade along the Grand Canal carrying the representations of the Doge, the Dogaressa and the highest offices of the Venetian Magistracy: a faithful reconstruction of the past that celebrates the ancient, prosperous and influential Maritime Republic of Venice, also known as "Serenissima".
The following rowing competitions are organized by age category and by boat type: the most expected one is the famous regatta of champions on gondolini, that sliding along the calm waters of the Grand Canal will compete like every year to reach the finish line first. Located in front Palazzo Ca' Foscari, the spectacular floating stage called "machina” will be by tradition both the finish line and the stage for the awardings.
Who will be the winner this year?